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As of Dec 2020
As of May 2021
As of May 2021

Google Street View (GSV) is a technology featured in Google Maps that provides 360 ° interactive panoramas.

As of March 2021 our efforts have resulted in over 2 “million” views. People from across the globe are looking in and viewing local businesses by immersing themselves in 360° panoramas.

As an certified Google Street View Trusted Photographer we our volunteering our services by mapping and updating many areas around us and quite literally ‘putting you on the map’.

Baja Sur seriously lacks local area mapping data and some areas that have been mapped by Google are very old (circa 2009+). As of July 2020 the official Google GSV vehicles have captured the following areas:

Los Cabos – approx 50% from 2009-2019
Todos Santos – approx 5% in 2009
El Pescadero – approx 1% captured 2009
Los Cerritos – “zero” street view maps

Google Street View

To see if your business is currently listed on Google Street View (GSV) go to maps.google.com zoom in to your location, then click on the little orange man in the lower right corner. The blue lines that appear is where GSV has mapped. Next simply click anywhere in the blue line and experience GSV in 360°. To view the date of the mapping click upper left corner while in GSV.

This is a free service we provide. If you feel we have attributed value to your business please help to continue our efforts by offering a small contribution – click secure link PayPal.Me/bajasur. And if you see us driving around don’t forget to wave.

Many thanks and salud!

Bill and Kim Bailey