Bill Bailey
Former C.E.O. of Bill Bailey L.L.C. dba Nodal Ninja (2004-2019)

Bill Bailey is both a humanitarian and an entrepreneur. He has loved photography for most of his life, and more specifically 360° panoramic photography.

As a child he experienced homelessness, living in tents, squatting in abandoned homes until fostered by a kind and loving family (thanks Jim and Raynell). After graduating high school he joined the military and was honorably discharged from the Air Force in 1977 while be stationed at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage. Living in Alaska Bill took what little money he saved and started a photography business called Northern Exposure Photography of Alaska. The company traveled extensively statewide providing family portraiture services for the Native American communities, many of which were in extremely remote locations such as Barrow, Nome, Bethel, Kodiak, Ketchikan, Juneau, and many many more. With some school districts in total they photographed over 250,000 families and children.

After selling his photography business in Alaska he packed up and moved to Australia for a bit before moving back to his native state California. He meet and married a lovely Aussie – Kim, and together they settled in Arizona. He wanted to venture back into photography and was drawn to the fascinating new and growing world of panoramic photography. In 2004 Bill partnered with Nick Fan of Fanotec out of Hong Kong and he built the US based company ‘Nodal Ninja’ which today still stands forefront in the panoramic industry. Bill has become widely known and respected in the community for his support to the arts and in giving financial aid in times of natural disasters around the globe.

In late 2019 the business was forced to close so he and is Wife Kim decided it was time to retire. They packed up and moved to Baja Sur. They took their life savings and built a small humble abode they named Casa Viva la Vida (living life).

This brings us to now and Bill once again starts another business venture called All Around Cabo. When Bill isn’t photographing surfers he and his wife explore the area shooting imagery, contributing and updating Google Street View (GSV) and other much needed mapping data. This is a free service they provides to the community which is already benefiting from the added exposure it brings.  By updating Google Maps first responders also benefit with current and more accurate mapping data. But living only off a small pension they need funding to keep it going. Should you find this cause worthy and would like to support their ongoing efforts with a small donation please click the secure link PayPal.Me/bajasur.

Your donation could actually help to save a life one day.

Mantra by Bill:

“yesterday we learned something, tomorrow we chase like a carrot on a stick, but it is today that we live and breath every single moment – so be thankful and do it the best you can”