Bill Bailey
Former C.E.O. of Bill Bailey L.L.C. dba Nodal Ninja (2004-2019)

Bill Bailey is both a humanitarian and an entrepreneur. He has loved photography for most of his life, and more specifically 360° panoramic photography.

Bill has lived most of his life in California, and also spent more than 15 years in Alaska. While there he owned and operated a successful photography business for over 5 years (1994-1999) called Northern Exposure Photography of Alaska (NEP). His company became well known throughout Alaska, traveling extensively statewide providing family portraiture services to the Native American communities, many of which were in extremely remote locations. In total over 250,000 sittings were shot.

After selling his photography business in Alaska he packed up and moved to warmer climes in California, and after marrying his lovely Aussie wife Kim, settled in Arizona. He wanted to venture back into photography and was drawn to the fascinating new and growing world of panoramic photography. In 2004 Bill partnered with Nick Fan of Fanotec and together they built the company ‘Nodal Ninja’ which today still stands forefront in the panoramic industry. Bill has become widely known and respected in the community for his support to the arts.

In late 2019 Bill and Kim decided to retire. They packed up and moved to move Baja Sur. But retirement is merely transition in life. Bill continues his photography exploits shooting surfers and the surrounding area much from his newly aquired beach office in Playa Los Cerritos. You can see some of his work on the Facebook’s Cerritos Beach Surfers.

When Bill isn’t photographing surfers he and his wife explore the area shooting imagery for Google Street View (GSV). This is a free service he provides to the community which stands to benefit a great deal.  If you feel we have attributed value to your business we wouldn’t say no to a small contribution – click secure link PayPal.Me/bajasur